Falls Church

The City of Falls Church, Virginia, is an independent, full-service city six miles from the nation’s capital. "The Little City" is just 2.2 square miles.

The City of Falls Church is a unique and historic city. Besides featuring quick access to renowned museums and art galleries in nearby Washington, D.C., almost every neighborhood is a treasure of its own with a variety of restaurants and shops that reflect the City’s great ethnic and cultural diversity.

Amenities & Landmarks: Wonderful attractions the City of Falls Church has to offer – from historic buildings and cultural centers to gorgeous parks and trails, the Little City has it all! Falls Church and nearby Attractions include Cherry Hill Farmhouse, Fort Ward Museum and Historic Site, Mary Riley Styles Library & Potomac Overlook Regional Park, just to name a few.

Economy: Falls Church City has been ranked in the Top 10 Richest Counties in the United States for that past 4 years. It is a thriving and dynamic community thanks largely to its diverse and active businesses.

Education: The Falls Church City Schools enjoys a reputation for excellence, and the division is committed to maintaining its standing as the premier small school system in the nation. Our four schools serve more than 1900 students including some tuition students who live in communities outside the City of Falls Church.

The city is served by Falls Church City Public Schools:

  • Mount Daniel Elementary School, which includes pre-school, kindergarten and first grade.
  • Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, which includes grades 2 – 5.
  • Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School, which includes grades 6 – 8.
  • George Mason High School, which includes grades 9 – 12.

Of these four Falls Church City Public Schools, only one, Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, is located within city limits; the other three are located in neighboring Fairfax County. Falls Church High School is not part of the Falls Church City Public School system, but rather the Fairfax County Public School system; it does not serve the city of Falls Church.

Falls Church City is eligible to send up to three students per year to the Fairfax County magnet school, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

The city is home to Saint James Catholic School, a parochial school serving grades K-8.

Getting Around: A small portion of the 45-mile Washington & Old Dominion Railroad Trail (W&OD Trail) runs through the City.

The City of Falls Church is serviced by WMATA- Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s Metrorail and Metrobus systems. Though located just outside of city borders, the East and West Falls Church Metrorail stations provide convenient access to Washington, DC. In 2014, East & West Falls Church stations will be connected to points West via phase 1 of the new Silver Line Metro. Phase 2 of the new Silver Line Metro will provide access to Dulles Airport and Loudoun County.

History: Falls Church dates back to the late 1600s as an early Colonial settlement shared with Native Americans. The community was established around The Falls Church (Episcopal) that was founded in 1734. Falls Church became a township in 1875 and an independent city in 1948

More: http://www.fallschurchva.gov/

Sources: http://www.fallschurchva.gov/, http://www.fallschurchchamber.org/, http://www.wikipedia.com

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